Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Jump Over The Age (of In Other Waters fame) have announced that Citizen Sleeper is coming to Switch on 5th May.

Mixing tabletop RPG elements into a sci-fi narrative adventure, the game sees you play as a Sleeper, "a digitised human consciousness who is on the run from the corporation who own the artificial body you inhabit". You end up on a ruined space station and have to strike up relationships with the other people on board in a bid to survive and evade The Man and make a life for yourself in space. Check out the trailer above to get more of an idea how the dice-roll gameplay works.

The game will feature a soundtrack from Amos Roddy, who worked on In Other Waters and Kingdom Two Crowns, plus character art from comic book artist Guillaume Singelin.

The game will be $19.99 when it launches on 5th May. Let us know below if you're interested in taking up position of Sleeper when this game hits next month.