Bandai Namco - Pac-Man
Image: Bandai Namco

In October last year, Bandai Namco - the Japanese video game publisher responsible for series like Pac-Man, Tekken and Dark Souls - announced it would be changing its company logo.

This change was scheduled to come into effect this year, and it's now officially happened as of the beginning of April. The new logo can be seen on the company's website, products, YouTube and its social media accounts across Facebook and Twitter.

Here it is:

"New year company logo has changed"

The logo expresses the fusion of Bandai Namco and reflects the company's new purpose "fun for all into the future":

"Fun for All into the Future - Bandai Namco exists to share dreams, fun and inspiration with people around the world. Connecting people and societies in the enjoyment of uniquely entertaining products and services, we’re working to create a brighter future for everyone."

"The speech bubble also represents Japan’s manga culture that has become so popular everywhere. The logo stands for our determination to communicate with fans worldwide, to connect with our fans, and to create entertainment unique to Bandai Namco."

“For the motif colour, we sent questionnaires to employees around the world to gather their thoughts about words that express images associated with the aims of the Group. From among the words that were frequently mentioned, we selected candidate colours through scientific methods linking words with colours. From among these candidates, we selected a bright red colour that creates an impression that is enthusiastic, fun, active, and bold.”

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