PQube has just announced that it is bringing BeXide's Super Bullet Break to the Switch later this year.

Described as an "anime-inspired deckbuilding roguelite", the game sees you collecting cute anime girls – known as "Bullets" – to build your perfect team and "save the online game world from total destruction".

There are over 160 Bullets to collect, and the game also has a focus on 'Gacha' mechanics – but without microtransactions, thankfully. A solid deck will be a must to tackle the game's enemies, and there are boss encounters to overcome, too.

Super Bullet Break takes place over 7 unique maps "inspired by classic game genres from dating sims to rhythm games and dungeon crawlers".

It hits Switch – as well as Steam and PS4 – this year and retailer Funstock will be selling a special 'Day 1' physical edition which includes an exclusive art book featuring the girls from the game and a special edition box.


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