8doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure is a new Metroidvania title from publisher NEOWIZ and developer Rootless Studio and it's out now on Nintendo Switch.

The game stars Arum as she ventures deep into the afterlife in search of her father's soul. It will feature a "sprawling" world comprised of 8 distinct regions (one for each of the 8 doors in the title) full of beasts that Arum will need to vanquish in her journey. Arum will be able to wield 7 different weapons and use a multitude of unique skills to aid in her quest.

Publisher NEOWIZ has also confirmed that a physical edition of the game will be available for pre-order in partnership with Red Art Games and VideoGamesPlus. The game is currently listed for release in September 2022 and can be pre-ordered here for European residents, and here for those in the US. Pre-orders aren't live at the time of writing, but we'll update this page once they're available.

Unnamed 9

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