Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced the release date for its bonkers new bullet hell shooter Wildcat Gun Machine — it's coming to Switch on May 4th. Yes, the most Star Wars-y of days.

Developed by ChunkyBox Games, the game is a dungeon crawler in which you go against hordes of "non-cute flesh amalgamations", using a host of weaponry at your disposal — over 40 types of gun in all. And as you'll see if you check out the trailer above, you'll get the chance to pilot a big mech-y gun-toting... thing, too.

This dungeon crawler looks a lot like a bullet hell Hades, with a dash of Binding of Isaac and plenty of pussy cats. Here's a list of the game's features, courtesy of the official PR blurb:

- Bullet Hell shooter
- Over 40 gun types
- Epic set-piece boss battles
- Skill upgrades to suit your playstyle
- Unique 2D art style

Looking pretty slick to us! We're not entirely sure where the whole cat theme fits in, though... Nevertheless, will you picking up Wildcat Gun Machine on May 4th? Let us know!