Update: Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Special will release on May 19th, 2022. You can check out the new trailer above.

Original Story [Wed 16th Feb, 2022 10:30 GMT]: Toaplan's Snow Bros. is coming to the Switch in 'reimagined' form later this year, it has been revealed.

Originally released in 1990, Snow Bros. was unique in Toaplan's catalogue as it wasn't a shmup. Home ports followed soon after, many of which are now incredibly expensive on the secondary market.

Snow Bros. Special will introduce a new "Monster Challenge" mode, in which you get to play as the enemies. This mode will be included with the physical version of the game, but it will be paid-for DLC for the download version.

Clear River Games is handling publishing duties for the game in Europe and the physical version in North America, while Daewon Game Media Lab will be publishing the digital version in North America. The physical version will come with an instruction manual and three sticker sheets.


Sung-Gil Yim, founder of CRT Games and executive producer of Snow Bros. Special, had this to say:

As a retro game fan, I'm honoured to be able to let old and new players rejoice Snow Bros. Retro games are filled with childhood memories and with Snow Bros. Special fans of the original game can rekindle their love. The original game's simple and intuitive controllers are reflected in Snow Bros. Special which makes it easy for new players to appreciate the game as they get to know Nick and Tom.