It's now been confirmed that Syndrome will launch on 11th March.

Original Article:

If you like first-person horror games then the Switch sure has a lot of them; some are even pretty darn good. Another has been announced that'll hope to make its mark on the eShop - Syndrome, developed by Camel 101 and being brought to Switch by RedDeerGames, will be making its console debut on Switch later this year.

It's a game that came out on Steam way back in 2016, albeit to mixed user reviews. Based on footage and indeed reviews of the PC version it certainly brings to mind something like Alien: Isolation, though of course this is an effort from a much smaller development team. You wake up from cryosleep on a space station and have to sneak around hiding from various things trying to kill you - a classic setup, no doubt.

The publisher is emphasizing the survival aspects of the game - ammo is limited, you'll often be better served staying in the shadows, and you'll be trying to unravel the mystery of what's happened on the station.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for further details in the coming months.