Have you heard of Pui Pui Molcar? It's an incredible Japanese-made stop-motion animated series, with short, two-minute episodes that explore the lives and trials of Molcars β€” gigantic guinea pigs that also happen to be automobiles.

"What possible narratives can you write about a guinea pig who is also a car," you might be thinking β€” and the answer is, plenty. Sometimes they run out of carrots (which is basically petrol in Molcar world). Sometimes they get stuck in traffic. Sometimes they get unwillingly embroiled in crimes as a getaway car! And sometimes, as in Mol Soccer Online, they play soccer. (Football, for those of you who are Britishly-inclined.)

Mol Soccer Online is basically Rocket League β€” you control a Molcar, and play against friends online to score goals by butting a giant ball into a goal with your car-face.


Sadly, much like tie-in game Pui Pui Molcar Let's Molcar Party!, this game appears to only be coming to Switch in Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong, although you could arguably just create a Japanese eShop account if you really want to watch guinea pigs play the beautiful game. You can download Mol Soccer Online Lite for free if you want to give it a go, but for the full version, you'll need to purchase Let's Molcar Party! β€” or download the free update if you already have it. There's also extra, optional in-game purchases for cosmetics.

But even if we can't play the game, we can appreciate the trailer, which shows the lil guys in all their fluffy glory, plus emotes, accessories, and titles that you can use to customise your molcars.

What is your guinea pig's name? I had a class guinea pig in kindergarten called Daisy Fudge. Or maybe she was a hamster. She was some sort of small fluffy oval, anyway. Tell us in the comments!