When Sonic's original on-screen look was first revealed, there was an uproar from fans around the world.

Fortunately, Sega and Paramount Pictures listened to this feedback, made some changes to the blue blur's appearance, and the film ended up being a huge success. It seems this trend has continued with the second film after fans voiced some issues with the promotional poster for the upcoming sequel.

The voice actor of Tails, Colleen O'Shaughnessey was not credited alongside the Sonic, Knuckles and Dr Robotnik. Sega and co have now revised the poster to include Tails and even Tika Sumpter - who plays the wife of James Marsden's character in the film.

Here's a look at the before and after...



The official Sonic the Hedgehog movie Twitter account even retweeted it! Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will arrive in cinemas around the world from 31st March onwards. Are you glad to see the movie is taking fans advice on board? Leave a comment down below.