Dubbed the "fastest racing game in the universe", Redout 2 has been treated to a brand new overview trailer, with the game bringing lots of F-Zero vibes (although that might be because we've been playing F-Zero X all week).

Regardless, it's looking pretty slick, showcasing the classic 'anti-grav' racing that's become popular with franchises like F-Zero and WipEout. You'll need to strafe and tilt your ship in order to gain maximum speed on the tracks, but the game will also boast a selection of options to make it more accessible.

The number of tracks has been doubled from the first Redout game, featuring 10 racing locations with 36 race tracks across them. All of these can be played in reverse, totalling an impressive 72 unique tracks.

Customisation is also featured heavily, with several aspects of your vehicle fully customisable to heighten your chances in the races.

We've yet to get an official release date for the game, with a vague '2022' currently being quoted, but we'll be sure to let you know once this has been announced.

We gave the first Redout a 7/10 in our review, praising the in-depth career mode and catchy soundtrack, but criticising the lacklustre online and lack of local multiplayer.

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