Threatening vibes

The subreddit r/AmItheAsshole, or AITA for short, is designed for people to relay a scenario that they experienced, and ask advice from the internet as to whether or not they behaved correctly. The comments usually universally decide between YTA (you're the asshole), NTA (not the asshole), NAH (no assholes here), and ESH (everyone sucks here).

The subreddit is usually full of three types of posters: Those who know they are in the right, but really want validation; those who have put up with someone else's awful behaviour, but have been cowed into thinking they are in the wrong somehow; and utterly deplorable people who think they're great until the subreddit tells them otherwise.

When an AITA post falls into the latter category, it's always a good day for dunking on the person involved.

Early on Monday 21st March, a Reddit account called IndividualRhubarb396 posted about selling his wife's collection of Harvest Moon games, because — as he put it — "I expect her to commit to me alone and not these virtual husbands". The post has been deleted, but thank heavens for screenshots like the one above, so we can all appreciate the deliciously horrifying words within.

If this is cheating, then my boy IndividualRhubarb is going to get very upset when he finds out about Dream Daddy

As a sign of his commitment to forcing her to commit, he put up her copies of Harvest Moon on GameCube and Game Boy Advance on eBay, which are likely Another Wonderful Life and More Friends of Mineral Town, two of the best games in the series. Both these games are relatively easy to replace, but costly — prices for More Friends of Mineral Town on eBay range from about $40 for the cartridge alone to upwards of $500 for a sealed copy, and Another Wonderful Life costs somewhere between $30 and $400.

Oh, and he's also going to "sit her down" and force her to uninstall Stardew Valley, which is definitely a game about steamy relations and not stuffing your farm full of pigs and wine casks for ultimate profit margins.

Needless to say, the internet is enraged, and we like to imagine it's because Harvest Moon isn't even a particularly sexy game. As soon as you get married, you basically live a chaste existence just like you did as a single farmer, only now there's someone else in your house, and they don't even help with farmwork.

Quite a few people have theorised that the post is fake, since the OP (original poster) seemed to be utterly confused by people calling him an asshole, and the post itself has since been deleted (and his account, too) — but whether or not it's fake, we're baffled by the particularity of being jealous of Harvest Moon husbands.

I mean, you can't even kiss 'em.

Which Harvest Moon husband would you choose over this AH?

What are your thoughts on virtual cheating? If you and your partner each had One Free Pass, and had to spend it on a video game character, who would it be? Let us know in the comments!