Kirby Otamatone

Everyone loves Otamatone, the weird instrument that has a face! But what if that face was the same face as recognisable spherical icon, Kirby? It's an easy crossover, and it's been done — not once, not twice, but thrice!

There are three sizes of Kirbtamatone, the smallest of which (the Melody version) comes pre-programmed with songs, and the largest of which (the Deluxe version) is wayyyy bigger than the regular one — a full 44cm tall. That's so much Kirbtamatone!

Otamatone collector and lover therealsullyg, who makes Otamatone covers as his full-time job, has a lot of Otamatones, including Aggretsuko-themed ones, Kiss-themed ones (yeah, the band), and over 30 Kirby Otamatones. Have we said Otamatones enough? Otamatones.

Apparently, apparently, owning 30 of the same Kirby Otamatone was not the original plan. It was an "accident", according to therealsullyg. Suuuuuure.

In case you're wondering how on earth someone can make a living out of Otamatone covers, please take a look at this ludicrously detailed cover of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" from Disney's Encanto:

How many Kirby Otamatones do you have? Tell us in the commentamatones.