Triangle Stategy
Image: Square Enix

Well, Square Enix's new tactical RPG Triangle Strategy has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch.

This new game allows players to recruit over 20 playable characters (each with their own distinct skills) and command a party in battle, as you follow a tangled plot where decisions make all the difference and influence how the story unfolds.

Our own Nintendo Life review has already labelled it as an absolute triumph for Artdink and Square Enix, and notes how it offers an ambitious adventure that stands proud as one of the very finest examples of the genre on Switch.

So, our question to you - is will you be getting it? There's a demo available on the Switch eShop if you're still on the fence. Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts down in the comments below.

Will you be getting Triangle Strategy?

You can pick up a copy here if you haven't already.