Another excellent puzzle-platformer is making its way to the Switch: Toodee and Topdee, a game that plays with dimensional perspective to create a ton of brain-tingly levels to solve!

Toodee and Topdee is all about the two titular characters, who can each see from a different perspective. Toodee sees everything as a 2D platformer, while Topdee sees the same levels as a top-down puzzle... and you can switch between the two at will. Some levels will reveal secrets when viewed in a different way, while others will require you to move platforms in the top-down view to help Toodee land on his feet.

There's not long to wait until the Switch release, either — the game will be out on the eShop on April 14th.

In the market for a fresh indie puzzle-platformer? Let us know your thoughts on Toodee and Topdee in the comments!