HAL Laboratory
Image: Nintendo

Last July, Nintendo kicked off a new 'Ask The Developer' series - inspired by its famous series 'Iwata Asks'.

So far, it's released an entry on Game Builder Garage, the Nintendo Switch OLED and Big Brain Academy, and now the latest one focuses on the upcoming first-party release, Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This new volume features a chat with the Kirby creators, including the team at HAL Laboratory.

Right now, it's only available in Japanese, but we're sure Nintendo will provide an official translation in time. You can of course resort to other translation methods if you really want, but they may not be quite as accurate.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land arrives tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch, and it seems to already be doing quite well. In our Nintendo Life review, we gave the game an excellent nine out of ten stars.

Have you read any of these developer interviews so far? To catch up on the others, you can check out Nintendo's website.

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