The future of Mii have been in doubt for some time now, and while Switch Sports made it seem like Nintendo was almost ready to move on from these classic Wii generation avatars, it appears they're not done with them just yet.

In a surprise move, Nintendo has actually added Mii (and themed suits) into the latest update in Mario Kart Tour. They're not accessible in the mobile game just yet, but Wave 1 will be arriving later this month on 8th/9th March, and will be followed by Wave 2 on 22nd/23rd March.

The Mii suits on display in the video above include the red suit, the Mario suit, the Peach suit, the Donkey Kong suit, the Luigi Suit, the Toad suit, the Rosalina suit, bronze suit, silver suit and gold suit.

Mario Kart Tour Mii Racing Suits
Image: Nintendo

Will you be returning to the track to race about as a Mii? Or are you holding out for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's DLC arriving later this month? Leave a comment down below.