Kirby Forgotten Land

In celebration of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which launches on 25th March 2022, the My Nintendo Store UK has added an array of excellent Kirby goodies for your perusal.

First up, as we've already detailed in our Kirby and the Forgotten Land pre-order guide, all pre-orders of the game made at My Nintendo Store either physically or digitally will come with a free magnet sheet and mouse pad while stocks last.

It now gets even better, though, because all pre-orders will also grant you an entry into a competition to win a First 4 Figures Kirby Warp Star Exclusive Edition figurine. You can get your pre-orders in below.

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If you don't want to leave winning a statue up to chance, you can also pre-order some new First 4 Figures models from the store. Check out these lovely Kirby and the Goal Door Standard and Exclusive Edition figurines, both launching on 25th March.

The Standard Edition comes with the statue, a highly detailed base, and a collector's box, while the Exclusive Edition adds a touch sensor that "activates Kirby's dance twirl", a secondary touch sensor that plays the Goal Game theme, and a limited edition authentication card.

1.91.1 Social KirbyGoalDoor Figurines EnNOE V2

Want more Kirby goodness? The My Nintendo Store has also replenished its stock of Kirby amiibo, with all of these being relaunched on 25th March:

1.91.1 Social Amiibo Kirby Collection

And there's even more! These official Kirby playing cards, exclusive to the My Nintendo Store, are now also available to order.

1.91.1 Social KirbyPlayingCards EnNOE V2

What a day for Kirby fans, eh?

Let us know if you've picked up any of the products listed above, and tell us how excited you are for Kirby and the Forgotten Land in the comments below!