You have 21 days until the city dies. Every decision you make up until that final day will have far-reaching consequences — so what will you do? Try to save the world, or live a life of hedonism in the face of futility?

That is the question that A Place For The Unwilling poses in its hyper-branching narrative adventure, and the developers ALPixel Games have left the answer entirely up to you. There are no mini-maps, no quest markers, no rail-roaded story in this one, just you, a dying city, and the paralysing potential consequences of your actions.

A Place For The Unwilling draws on a number of influences, with the major ones being the creeping dread of Majora's Mask, the narrative depth of Failbetter's Sunless Sea, and the figure-things-out-before-bad-things-happen-ness of Pathologic, plus a dash of Lovecraftian horror, a pinch of Over The Garden Wall's unsettling pastoral dreamscapes, and a sprinkling of Dickensian eldritch nightmares.

A complex balance of flavours, to be sure — and reviews of the Steam version from 2019 seem to be mixed on whether or not it pulls it off completely — but the upcoming Switch port, which launches on the Nintendo eShop on March 22nd, hopefully fixes some of the original's issues. Only time will tell!