Right, this story gets a wee bit confusing.

Here are the brass tacks: Kitsune Tails is a platformer inspired by games from late in the 8-bit generation, and it's coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2023. Developer Kitsune Games has just announced that they're also making a prequel: Kitsune Zero, which will be released this year as paid DLC for free "electoral activism platformer" game, Super Bernie World (which is Linux and PC-only).

Kitsune Games announced the news of Kitsune Tails and Kitsune Zero in their "Kitsune Direct", which you can see above. They will be working with MidBoss as a publisher, which is part of the confusing bit, because Kitsune Games also made a game... called MidBoss.

So, to summarise: Kitsune Zero is a Super Mario Bros-style platforming DLC that you can only play on PC by downloading Super Bernie World (which is about Bernie Sanders, in case that wasn't clear), and it serves as a prequel for Kitsune Tails, which is not out yet. Does it still count as a prequel if it comes out before the thing it's a prequel of? Is that not just a... quel?

As announced in the Kitsune Direct, Kitsune Tails will also be coming to the Xbox family, on top of previously-announced versions for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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