Heart Machine, the original makers of indie darling action-adventure RPG Hyper Light Drifter, announced today that they've already begun work on a successor — just three months after the release of their last game, Solar Ash. It's called Hyper Light Breaker, and it takes the gorgeous 2D pixel-art look of the original game and replaces it with a stylish 3D aesthetic, with massive open biomes to explore.

According to the Steam page, Hyper Light Breaker is set in the Overgrowth, a new land in the world of Hyper Light, and will allow you to play solo or co-op with friends to explore the world and defeat monsters. It's described as an "action rogue-lite adventure", which already sets it apart from Hyper Light Drifter, but the snappy movement of the original looks like it will be maintained — you'll be using a wall-dash, hoverboard, and glider to traverse the land.

HLB Hub Shot 610x230

There will also be a homebase settlement to take care of, which will grow and flourish as you complete more of the game.

So far, Hyper Light Breaker has only been announced for PC (and you can wishlist it on Steam already), but fingers crossed for a Switch version in future!

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