Haunted houses really don't do themselves any favours, do they? With rooms caked in dust, spider webs adorning every corner, and mould growing in every crevice, of course it's going to be haunted. A little cleaning and a slash of paint would go a long way to banishing those pesky spirits for good, right?

In IMage Power's Haunted House Renovator, you take on the role of a paranormal renovator, whose job is to fix up a bunch of drab and dreary households to make them attractive new homes for potential buyers. Oh, and you also need to exorcise any ghosts who happen to be inhabiting the buildings.

As demonstrated in the trailer above, you'll be swapping out bits of furniture, pasting on new wallpaper, moping away ancient ritual symbols, and using gadgets like a vacuum cleaner (sound familiar?) to dispatch a whole bunch of creepy ghosts.

Here's a rundown of features from publisher Image Power:

Become a paranormal renovator - Accept requests from haunted house owners around the world. Scout abandoned mansions and look for the signs of any paranormal activity. Make sure you're ready for the job by preparing a set of tools to aid your work.

Chase evil spirits away - Chase away ghosts by any means possible. Sometimes your job will be as easy as banishing an entity with holy water and sometimes you will need to draw elaborate magic circles and perform sinister rituals. And if nothing works, you can always look for an alternative way to solve your issue - like hiding a door to a haunted cellar behind some heavy furniture. Let's hope that nobody ever tries to move it.

Create a safe-looking decor - Looks are important, especially when you try to convince your customers that a house is safe. Change wallpapers, paint the walls, and replace furniture. Find a passion for interior decorations as you do what you can to keep a house from looking haunted - even if it is.

- Realistic, moody graphics
- Various types of hauntings to deal with
- Many different haunted houses from around the world
- A large selection of interior decorations
- Varied techniques to either chase away evil entities or to hide them from customers
- Singleplayer campaign mode

The game is still a little way off and won't release on Switch until 2023, but we think it's looking pretty intriguing so far.

Does Haunted House Renovator sound like something you're interested in? Let us know!