Inti Creates today announced its fourth DLC boss for Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX2. It's another cross-over DLC, this time with the Nintendo Switch version of Gal*Gun: Double Peace, which goes on sale next week on 17th March.

To celebrate this upcoming release, Inti is adding the mischievous demon Kurona to the game as a boss on 24th March. This DLC will be priced at $3.99/€3.49 and is voiced by Michelle Marie in English and Aya Fujita in Japanese.

"Kurona arrives (by accident) ready to cause trouble on purpose! Her target: the first person she sees, iX 2’s hero Copen! Available March 24th, purchase the DLC to challenge this unique boss fight and win a special ability!"

"A demon-in-training from the world of "Gal*Gun Double Peace" stumbled into another dimension. She's well known as a trouble-maker who says "HELL" a lot. She was on her way to the human world for extra lessons ordered by the Demon Academy when...she accidentally found herself in the world of iX 2. Kurona loves pulling pranks, and doesn't miss the opportunity to torment Copen."

The other special DLC boss Jason Frudnick from Blaster Master Zero 3 arrives in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX2 today for $7.99/€6.99. You can see him in action in our previous post:

Have you tried out this game on the Switch yet? What do you think of the new boss DLCs? Leave your thoughts down below.