There are a range of intriguing music games on Switch, and another to definitely add to the list is Backbeat, which will make its console debut on Nintendo's system later this year (alongside a Steam release). It's from Ichigoichie, which previously brought us Hexagroove: Tactical DJ on Switch and was founded by industry veterans that worked on a variety of titles, including the classic Elite Beat Agents.

As you can see in the gameplay video above it's an interesting blend of approaches, with puzzle solving and strategy combining into an end result that delivers unique music arrangements. Some of the official details are below.

Backbeat is a multilinear time-based puzzle/strategy set in 1995, built on jam music. Guide aspiring bassist Watts and her friends through over 40 levels of strategic puzzling madness in their pursuit to break free from monotony and achieve stardom. Use spatial rules of music making to slide your way past surly shift managers, suspicious security guards, and sticky-fingered children while playing gigs and winning fans. Over time you'll unlock new music, tricks, and stylish locales drenched in desaturated 1990s American suburbia.

- Rewindable, multilinear time-based environment puzzles
- Player-controlled songs created from your movement choices
- Real life jam band music rules and tricks for maximizing your score
- Character-driven story set in 1990s suburban America
- Unlockable instrument swaps and musical playing styles

There's a demo on Steam at the moment if you want to give it a whirl. Is this on your radar for later this year?