Bullfighting is arguably a barbaric practice in the 21st century and not something that we particularly condone here. Robotic bullfighting, though? Yeah, now you're talking!

Over on Kickstarter, indie developer Revelo has launched its new project Bullfighter NEON, a '90s inspired arcade experience that takes the general gist of bullfighting and adds in robots, lasers, and rad sunglasses for a futuristic spin on the 'sport'.

The gameplay looks to be fairly action-oriented with a NEO GEO flavour — as if the Windjammers roster took up techno-bullfighting. You'll get a choice of six playable characters who will be pitted against a total of 10 'cyberbeasts'. Each fight requires you to learn the cyberbeasts' attack patterns and utilise your chosen character's unique abilities to claim victory.

Bullfighter NEON will feature local co-op multiplayer for up to two players with fully customisable difficulty options, whether you're up for some truly retro-style hardships or a more relaxing experience.

At the time of writing, the project is yet to be fully funded, but still has plenty of time to go. If it reaches its intended goal, the game will initially release on Steam, with a Switch launch set aside for a stretch goal.

Does Bullfighter NEON look like it's up your street? Will you be backing the project? Sound off in the comments.

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