Everyone loves Carby, the car who has been devoured by Kirby, but only halfway. Everyone also wants to drive Carby. Modder and genius RiazorMC has made that possible. Sort of. You can't actually play this build of Mario Kart, but let's cross our fingers for Car Mouth Kirby in Mario Kart 9!

RiazorMC has taken some rather stunning footage of Carby zooming around the Mario Kart 8 tracks, but instead of a normal kart with a normal rider inside, it's a realistic, actual car with the iconic Kirby hat. There's no evidence of how Carby would throw items, or react to being hit with a shell or a banana, so we'll have to imagine that part, but it would probably be all kinds of body horror.

RiazorMC has created plenty of impressive mods in the past, including Super Mario Kart Galaxy (above) and a combination of Minecraft and Super Mario 64 DS.

Thoughts on Carbio Kart / Mario Kirbt / Kirbio Kirb? Let us know in the comments.

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