[Update: Thu 24th Feb, 2022 20:00 GMT]

Originally slated for Autumn 2021, Enclave HD has now been announced for a Summer 2022 release. Still no trailer or screenshots, but we have a little bit of key art, and a cover:

Skull Rectangle

Still no response from the developers or publishers regarding the claim of selling 25 million copies, which would put it somewhere between the Pokémon Sun and Moon games, and Grand Theft Auto IV — but Ziggurat Interactive is still using that number in their press releases:

"This dungeon-filled, medieval adventure sold over 25 million copies on PC, Xbox, and Wii when released in 2002 and is coming this summer to modern consoles."

[Original: Wed 1st Sep, 2021 10:30 BST]

Third-person action RPG Enclave is getting a revival on modern platforms, it has been revealed.

Originally released on the Xbox in 2002 by Starbreeze Studios (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Payday 2), Enclave was later ported to the Wii by TopWire Interactive in 2012. It is claimed by Ziggurat Interactive – the company behind the forthcoming remaster – that Enclave has sold 'over 25 million copies' on all formats since it was launched in 2002. That seems like a staggeringly high amount (the game isn't listed in the top 50 best-selling games of all time), and we've reached out to the company's PR for clarification.

The new version – which is also coming to the Xbox One and PS4 – will contain enhanced visuals and sound, along with 20 new music tracks and a remastered version of the original soundtrack. The 2012 Wii version of the original game made use of the console's motion control interface, and it remains to be seen if the Switch edition will do the same.

There's no trailer or screens as yet, but here's the trailer for the 2012 version to tide you over:

Here's some PR:

In Enclave, hundreds of years have passed since the high wizard Zale saved the people of Calenheim from the brink of defeat at the hands of the evil armies of Dreg’Atar by creating a massive rift to permanently separate the forces of good and evil. Now the rift is closing and it is up to an unlikely hero to rise up and fight. Will this aspiring adventurer succeed in his quest to fight for the Light and slay the demon king Vatar? Or will a minion of the Darkness take Celenheim for the forces of evil?

Enclave is set for a fall 2021 release on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, and includes:

+ Immersive, fast-paced feudal-era combat
+ A massive narrative scope, including two distinct campaigns with alternate endings
+ More than 25 unique missions, plus additional bonus content
+ 12 diverse unlockable characters, each blending elements of traditional character classes in a one-of-a-kind way
+ Challenging boss opponents, each requiring different tactics to defeat them
+ An interactive gameplay tutorial that gets you into the action fast
+ Three different difficulty settings provide the right level of challenge for any player
+ A plethora of varied weapons, collectible objects, consumables, and magic items
+ Surprises around every corner with dozens of scripted event triggers to keep you on your toes
+ Captivating soundtrack paired perfectly with atmospheric sound effects

Enclave is a third-person action RPG with intense medieval combat, an epic soundtrack, and two separate story-driven campaigns which have the player fighting for the forces of Light or Darkness. Each faction offers six distinct character options such as Knights, Wizards, and Druids on the side of Light, or servants of the Darkness like Berserkers, Assassins, and Goblins. Wield swords, magic, and bows to wage war on your enemies and decide Celenheim’s future.

Do you have fond memories of this game from the Xbox version, or the earlier console edition? Let us know with a comment.

[source ziggurat.games]