Mina the Hollower

It's hardly shocking news, but it turns out that everyone and their nan is excited about Shovel Knight studio Yacht Club Games' new offering, Mina the Hollower. Especially because it looks like a brand-new Link's Awakening, or a Zelda: Oracle game that people will actually play (sorry, Oracle. You're underrated). And it's about a mouse. People love mice.

The original Kickstarter goal, $311,503, has been comfortably smashed within the first day, and now sits at just over $370,000. Backers can pledge anywhere from $5 (for a digital wallpaper) all the way up to $3,000 (for a digital wallpaper, and also getting to meet the developers and add a major design element, plus a lot of stuff in-between).

Mina the Hollower
Image: Yacht Club Games

No stretch goals have been announced yet — the developers are probably asleep right now, since they're based in Los Angeles, where it's currently 6:30am — but stay tuned to find out where all these extra funds will be going.

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