The Batman, the movie starring Robert Pattinson's take on the titular billionaire bat-playboy, comes out on March 4th, 2022, so get ready for bat-related content to really ramp up in the next couple of weeks — including Rocket League's tie-in, the Batman Bundle!

It will cost 1,100 credits in-game, and includes:

  • Batmobile (2022) Body (Dominus Hitbox)

  • Batmobile (2022) Engine Audio

  • Dark Knight Matte Paint Finish

  • Batmobile (2022) Wheels

  • Batmobile (2022) Boost

  • Batmobile (2022) Trail

  • Reel Life Decal

  • The Batman Goal Explosion

Most of these items — except for the Batman goal explosion — can only be equipped by the Batmobile. Also, this isn't the only Batmobile in the game! There's also the 1989 Batmobile, the Dark Knight Batmobile, and the 2016 Batmobile!

There's also the return of the limited-time mode called Gotham City Rumble, which is themed around the Bat-villains from the Bat-franchise — including The Joker's Boxing Glove, Poison Ivy's Vines, and the Bat-Grapnel.

All of the above will be available from March 2nd through to March 8th.