Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon is a franchise with a dizzying range of spin-off games, merchandise, films and of course TV shows. There are also plenty that pass us by in the West, of course, with a new show announced for Japanese TV that could be rather fun.

It's a variety show called 'Pokemon to Doko Iku!?', which will have an abbreviated title of PokeDoko and will begin its run in April. More importantly, it has a Pikachu car, which you can call Pi-car-chu, Pikarchu or whatever you want.

We'll let the fine folk at Siliconera explain the show's premise.

PokeDoko will have a focus on travels related to the Pokemon franchise. According to the show’s description, the hosts will travel to meet Pokemon fans all around the world. The program will also feature a uniquely-shaped car modeled after Pikachu.

Shoko Nakagawa, who has regularly attended prior Pokemon variety shows, will return to PokeDoko as a navigator. She will accompany the leading host Ryogo Matsumaru and the car driver Abareru-kun. The show will also feature one more popular Japanese female celebrity. TV Tokyo will reveal the latter’s identity at a later date.

This timeline may have its flaws, but cars shaped like iconic game characters is definitely a perk.

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