Third Brother
Image: Nintendo / Pexels

Mario Mario and Luigi Mario are the undisputed icons of Nintendo's long-running Super Mario series. But what if they had a secret, long-lost brother... called Pablo?

This photo of some innocent sausages might seem like naught but a coincidence, but we know that Nintendo loves creative marketing and fun ways to tease their new games. Why not sausages? Why. Not. Sausages.

Don't tell us that this isn't an accident on the sausage company's behalf — they've even made Luigi green and Mario red. Pablo, however, is orange — which would be a welcome new colour in the Marioverse. And then, imagine: We could have Wapablo, alongside Waluigi and Wario! He would be blue, and since Wario is short and stinky, and Waluigi is tall and weirdly flirty, Wapablo could be shy and medium-sized.

Is this important news? No, not in the slightest. Do we like speculating about sausages? Absolutely.