Image: Square Enix

We had an overload of announcements during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, but as you might have already seen - Japan's broadcast was slightly different.

Square Enix, in particular, used it as an opportunity to share some new details about its upcoming racer Chocobo GP - revealing Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII would be in the game. The catch is, he's a Season Pass 1 racer.

Although Season One will be accessible to all players, it seems a payment will be required to access the Season One Pass. Fortunately, Square Enix will be doing a free giveaway, which should be enough to unlock Cloud.

"We'll be giving away 800 Mythril (the equivalent of a Prize, or Season, Pass) to all #ChocoboGP players as a login bonus for Season 1, that should be enough to get a certain spiky haired character to join you..."

Apart from Final Fantasy VII and the recent 2020 remake, Cloud has also previously appeared as a DLC fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series. Chocobo GP will be made available on Nintendo Switch next month on 10th March.

What are your thoughts about an iconic character like Cloud being tied to the game's Season Pass? Leave a comment below.