March is a massive month for games, and it just keeps getting bigger. When we're not eating cars in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, making decisions about shapes in Triangle Strategy, and wooing the locals with homegrown turnips in Rune Factory 5, perhaps we can also beat up monsters with friends in Young Souls, a rather lovely-looking co-op RPG that's coming to Switch!

Young Souls is a 2D brawler with a story, starring two pink-haired twins with a penchant for punching. When their foster father gets kidnapped, they begin a journey through the Moon Gate portal, fighting alongside each other as either a single-player or a split-screen co-op experience.

When you're not in the Goblin World, you can return to the Human World, where you'll need to shop around for upgrades. There are plenty of weapons and clothing items to improve your skills and stats, plus a gym that can help you gain more strength, resistance, and stamina, and what's more, the game lets you wear whatever you want — so you can focus on style, or go straight for the tough guy look, without compromising on aesthetics. But the Goblin World has its own market, too, if you can find it...

Young Souls will be out on the Nintendo Switch on March 10th. You can also pre-order the physical edition on Limited Run Games for $34.99 (pre-orders end on March 6th).

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