You've no doubt noticed that we don't provide blow-by-blow updates on each new event and promotion that pops up in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile. As a free-to-start game its model is focused on regular events and goodies to tempt players to log in and spend money each month, which works well on mobile but isn't always the most popular approach among Nintendo fans.

In any case, the latest trailer for the game did hit on one of our favourite looks and themes, so here we are sharing it. It's promoting Beardo's Sleuth Cookie; these special fortune cookies are typically bought with leaf tickets in the game, a currency that can be earned but also bought directly or received as part of the recently announced 'Merry Memories Plan'.

Each cookie will give you a shot at various Sherlock Holme's-style clothes and furniture items. We're not likely to buy enough cookies or be anything like lucky enough to get the more prized items, so we'll just look at them in the trailer.

Though not many in our team seem to be particularly active in Pocket Camp any more the app is still ticking along and earning Nintendo money - let us know if you're still playing in the comments.