Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been out on mobile for over four years, and has proven popular enough that it's still supported and given regular updates. It certainly captures a lot of the charm that makes its Switch buddy Animal Crossing: New Horizons such a hit, with the difference being it adopts an alternative style along with microtransactions (it is free-to-start, after all).

Its latest big update is rolling out today and it's adding a couple of notable features. First of all, it's doubling the number of animals that can be invited to your campsite from 8 to 16, which is a welcome leap. It's also adding an optional smart device widget that you can put on your device's home screen, a nice touch and another way to open the game.

Beyond that, most of the reveal video focuses on a new Pocket Planner, which does exactly what you'd expect; it's a way to track activities, items and events. This leads to the new 'Merry Memories Plan', which is a paid monthly pass that gives you access to extra customisation for the planner, a pedometer feature, and more seasonal event rewards. It costs $0.99USD per month, and also includes 20 leaf tickets every four weeks.

Whether that Merry Memories plan is good value very much depends on how enthusiastically and frequently you dip into Pocket Camp, though at least the main update (more visitors, widget and basic Pocket Planner) are free.

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