All Aksys

The 'All Aksys' livestream, which took place on 17th February, is the publisher's version of a Nintendo Direct showcase with a clever name. It was also entirely focused on Aksys games, of course — a studio known for localising Japanese games for English-speaking markets.

Here are the two new game reveals from the livestream, both of which are destined for Switch:

Horgihugh and Friends (Summer 2022)

At the end of a brutal war, countries dismantled their weapons. When the Gozareans attack, two pilots realize their trusty vintage fighter planes are the only means of combating the alien’s powerful technologies. Hugh & Figaro are the world’s last wings of hope. This horizontal side-scrolling shooter features vibrant retro graphics with artwork by Kou (Mega Man 2X, Shantae) and music by Motoaki Furukawa (Gradius II, Metal Gear, Policenauts).

Mon-Yu (2023)

A first-person, turn-based dungeon crawler from Experience Inc. in the tradition of the original Wizardry. Create your own characters to defeat the seven demon kings. Form your team, clear the dungeons, defeat the monsters, and claim victory.

Aksys also revealed two new Limited Editions for Blazing Strike (Autumn 2022) and PioFiore: Episodio 1926 (Autumn 2022):

Blazing Strike LE
Blazing Strike's LE will include an art book, a 2-CD soundtrack, and a set of character cards
PioFiore LE
PioFiore's LE will include an art book, a keyring, a metal pin, and a cloth poster, all in a collectible box

Finally, three more games destined for the Nintendo Switch received release windows:

Pre-orders for these games open on Friday, 18th February at 9am PST / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET.