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Yacht Club Games - the creator of Shovel Knight - has revealed it will be airing its third official broadcast on G4's XPlay show next week (via G4 on Twitch).

According to Yacht Club's blog post - the developer and publisher will be focusing on a selection of games that have brand new content currently in development. In addition to this, there'll also be an "exciting mega announcement" (also described as a "groundbreaking announcement") that will apparently be a "historic" event.

"Our very own Sean Velasco, Alec Faulkner, Nick Wozniak, Sandy Gordon, and Celia Schilling will pull back the development curtain to share a boatload of new updates, never-before-seen gameplay sneak peeks, DLC, and a groundbreaking announcement!"

“We can’t wait to unleash everything we’ve been cooking up since our last showcase in February 2020. It's been difficult to keep all this cool stuff a secret!” said Sean Velasco, Game Designer. “We hope you tune in and get excited too, because this is just the beginning!”

The broadcast is expected to last for around 60 minutes and will air on 1st February - will you be tuning in? Tell us down below.

[source yachtclubgames.com]