Ugh, Sony fanboys, right? With their Uncharteds and their Gods of War and their big, swooshy video game consoles. We all know that the best way to play video games is in bed, and can you play a PS5 in bed? No, partly because it's still sold out everywhere, and partly because you'd have to have a whole TV in your bed, and that leaves no room for snacks.

Since we know what's best for them, we tasked our lovely and very convincing Nintendo fanboy Alex Olney with badgering Push Square (our sister site and DEADLY RIVAL) writer Aaron Potter into getting the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which would give him access to Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Happy Home Paradise DLC and a veritable glut of beloved old Nintendo games, like Banjo Kazooie.

In return, Aaron attempted to convince Alex to get a PS5, which is a significantly bigger investment. Who won? You'll have to watch both videos to find out, of course.

Do you own a Switch and a PS5 and a NSO Expansion Pack subscription? Which is the best value for money? Tell us in the comments.

*If you split the cost equally eight ways with a family subscription