Chocobo GP
Image: Square Enix

The Switch could really use with a new kart game, and luckily in March, Chocobo GP will be racing onto the hybrid system.

This new racer includes a story mode, 64-player knock-out tournament, time attack and various other modes. Square Enix is also releasing a free-to-download version - allowing players who don't own the game to join in on the fun.

In the lead-up to Chocobo GP, Square Enix's Japanese Twitter account for the game has shared clips of the playable racers. New characters can be unlocked by winning racers and completing missions in the game's story mode. Here's a look at the line-up so far:

Square Enix has also revealed a free Chocobo GP spin-off app for mobile devices, which you can download now on Android and iOS:

Woah, that's a lot to choose from! Keep an eye out for more character updates in the near future.

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