Next week marks the return of the cult classic Shadow Man, and ahead of its release, the tech experts at Digital Foundry have gone hands-on with the game.

This remaster, as you might already know, has been done by the talented team at Nightdive - the same studio behind the re-release of Turok 2, and is running on the company's KEX 4 game engine.

The console versions of Shadow Man Remastered come with an extensive list of display settings, which would typically be limited to PC releases. There's antialiasing, ambient occlusion, motion blur, anisotropic filtering, shadow mapping, film grain, depth of field and more.

In terms of the resolution - in docked mode, the game is 1920 x 1080 and in portable mode, it's 1280 x 720 - with dynamic resolution scaling, that can scale as low as 50%. Depending on the display settings that are enabled, the screen will either look sharper or softer.

With all settings disabled on Switch (except HD textures) - you "generally do get your 60 frames per second" but there are some "skips and drops". And with all settings enabled, the game's frame rate drops into the 50s more often. Nightdive is looking into the performance issues, and has apparently found some solutions - with a fix expected around launch.

Check out the video above for the full rundown. Will you be returning to the Deadside next week? Tell us below.