Fortnite's most iconic in-game location, Tilted Towers, has returned to the game after more than two years away.

Its return is all thanks to a brand new update that takes the game to version 19.10. If you're wanting to relive Fortnite's early glory days, now's the perfect time to jump back in:

"The Island’s thaw goes on, and Tilted Towers has emerged from underneath the snow and ice! Go out on the town with this classic POI from Fortnite’s past: build to the top of its iconic clock tower, bust into apartments, stop by restaurants, battle it out in the underground parking garage, storm No Sweat Insurance’s office, and more on your urban excursion."

Fortnite Tilted Towers

But Tilted Towers isn't all that's new with this latest update, as giant creatures called Klombos have also appeared. These dinosaur-like beasts let players climb up their tails and reach a blowhole on their heads before launching you into the air; they're described as being "completely peaceful unless provoked" and will apparently sneeze out items.

Fortnite Klomberry

Full details on Fortnite's latest update can be found on the game's official site. Do you still play regularly? Will you be checking out this latest update? Tell us below.

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