In January 2022, the physical game publisher Super Rare Games announced that they would be spinning up their own digital publisher, "Super Rare Originals", with five upcoming games to announce.

In February 2022, their first game, Grapple Dog, will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam.

Grapple Dog is an appealingly colourful action-platformer in which you, the titular grapple dog, can traverse the world with the use of your handy grappling hook. There are 6 worlds to explore, split into 33 levels, filled with secrets, bosses, and bonus levels. There's also a time trial mode, if you fancy yourself good at grappling hooks.

The game's Super Mario-meets-Jet Set Radio-meets-Splatoon vibes are achieved with music from Jazz Mickle (Hypnospace Outlaw, Bravery Network Online), sound design by Damion Sheppard (Yes, Your Grace), and the rest done by game designer and pixel artist Joseph Gribbin (Spike City, Magnibox).

Grapple Dog comes out on the Nintendo eShop on February 10th for $14.99.