Shredders Revenge

The latest news that's come out of the rumour mill is, perhaps unsurprisingly, that Fortnite is getting new characters from popular movies and TV. While this may not be a huge shock to anyone (that's Fortnite's whole thing, after all), it's all down to a deal between Epic and Paramount, the latter of which owns a ton of properties.

The news comes from Nick Baker of XboxEra, who said the following on their latest livestreamed podcast (you can watch the timestamped video below for the full discussion):

"I've been told that apparently Paramount has signed a deal with Epic to bring properties to Fortnite. The main one that I had heard about was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [...] If they've done the deal with Fortnite, it obviously opens the door. So, for example, we've got two Venoms, like, three Spider-Men [...] We've already got [Master] Chief, so do we get Halo TV Chief?"

The deal is, according to Baker, for multiple properties owned by Paramount, which — as you can imagine — includes a fair number of well-known characters. Baker himself listed a couple of things he'd love to see in Fortnite, like Star Trek, South Park, and, er, Peppa Pig. We would also like to propose Frasier, please.

For now, though, the only "semi-confirmed" Fortnite characters are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "That was the one I care about most," he said, before going on to imagine some of the emotes that would be bundled with the characters. Pizza party emote, anyone?

As for confirmed TMNT stuff, we've got Shredder's Revenge coming to Switch some time this year. 2022 is about to be very cowabunga.

Which Paramount-owned properties would you love to see in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: An earlier version of this article featured an image of Shrek and mistakenly listed the Dreamworks ogre as a Paramount property. Shrek used to come under the Paramount umbrella, but is now owned by Universal Pictures — apologies for this error. This article now no longer has a Shrek in it.

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