Back in November, you might recall a story about the price of the Switch eShop game Membrane jumping from $10 to $250.

Although it was assumed to be an error at the time, the US price didn't change in the end. Now, in the latest development, it's on sale for $2.50 - which kind of makes it an offer you might not be able to resist (thanks to Dustin for the tip). Just think about it...the chance to own a digital game priced at $250 for just $2.50...


In all honesty, though, this appears to be nothing more than a sales tactic. The developer behind this game previously revealed in 2019 how it used extreme discounts to give Membrane more visibility on the Switch eShop. For example, on a separate occasion, it dropped the title down to 9 cents, resulting in some serious sales:

"We just eclipsed 100,000 sales with our last discount of 99 percent off. Only 1 percent of those sales were made when the game was at full price." - Note: Membrane's full price was originally $9.99 USD

Fortunately, Membrane's pricing is much more reasonable in other locations. On the UK eShop, the game is currently on sale for £1.43 and has a standard price of £7.19.

Have you played this game before? What are your thoughts about developers jacking up prices like this to make discounts look more appealling? Do you think Nintendo should perhaps have a rule in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening? Leave a comment down below.