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  • US 22nd Feb 2018, $9.99
  • EU 6th Apr 2018, £7.19


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    Insane in the membrane

    For your consideration, the common housefly (Musca Domestica). For as long as mankind began to build houses, these tiny winged insects somehow always manage to find the tiniest openings to invade the peace of our homes. The genesis of Membrane is a story about such a home invasion. With an aforementioned flying tiny pest now...

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Build, bend and break your world!

Membrane is a creative-action puzzle game in which you build, bend and break the world around you while experimenting to create your own solutions. Bendy bridges, wobbly ladders and shaky structures are just the beginning of what you'll make to test the limits of this weird, day-glo world!

Membrane was designed to allow creative space for the player to interact and build their own unique solutions. The puzzles are NOT designed to rely on deception or a single solution, lock & key approach to test players. Instead the game was built to reward creativity and experimentation from the player. Get your thinking cap on friends!

  • Debut console release from Perfect Hat
  • IGF Honorable Mention for Best Student Game 2018
  • 45 awesome levels to explore and get your creative mind going!
  • 3 unlockable Bonus modes including Catapult, Trickshot & Boulderball