If you own a Switch, you've likely been in the situation where you're browsing the sales section of the eShop and end up buying a game because of its insanely low price. For certain developers and publishers, sales are the best way to stay relevant on Nintendo's hybrid platform. Due to the limited browsing options available on this marketplace, a lot of games have a tendency to go missing after the initial launch period.

During a chat with Kotaku, the creator of the Metroid-style rogue-lite A Robot Named Fight revealed how his publisher Hitcents insisted he lower his game's price from $12.99 USD all the way down to $1.99 USD to counter this. The response from eShop users immediately changed:

During that sale it performed better than launch.

The game made it onto the "Best Sellers" page and additional benefits included publicity beyond Nintendo's platform. Unit sales increased by 1,500 percent when it went on sale, compared to its previous month.

By no means is this an isolated case, either. Kotaku found the developer behind the puzzle-platformer Membrane had similar success. After quickly losing visibility in the "Coming Soon" section, the aim was to make it into the "Great Deals" section of the eShop. When purchases went down to "practically nothing" a sale (reducing the game down to just 9 cents) quickly recovered the situation.

We just eclipsed 100,000 sales with our last discount of 99 percent off. Only 1 percent of those sales were made when the game was at full price.

The developer responsible for Son of a Witch had to take a slightly different approach. Instead of lowering the price of his game or potentially angering anyone who had paid the full price ($15.00 USD), he changed his own model and decided to make smaller games. Quest for the Golden Duck was one of these games (reduced from $9.99 USD to 39 cents) and it made it into the "Best Sellers" list.

What are your thoughts about all of this? Have you bought an eShop game for just a few cents? Leave a comment below.