Breath of the Wild Multiplayer
Image: Alex Mangue via YouTube

The mod support for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild over the past few years has been outstanding.

One thing we're yet to see though is multiplayer support. As you might recall, someone last year offered $10k to anyone who could create a mod for BotW that made this happen. With this in mind, a modder by the name of Alex Mangue (in collaboration with Sweet and Ethi) recently uploaded some clips to show what they've been working on (thanks for the tip, @Swiftfeet16).

This project was originally teased by the creator last November and in the latest video update, you can see a group of players are now running around Hyrule together. While there are definitely some sync issues, it's all work in progress.

One thing the creator has been working hard on is "enemy health syncing" - so players can participate in battles together. It's still in the early stages, so there's no release attached to it just yet, but if we get any updates, we'll be sure to let you know.

What do you think of this ambitious project? Would you be interested in multiplayer Zelda? Comment down below.