The latest Pokémon-like battling for your attention is Coromon, a new monster-catching game that's launching on Switch on 31st March.

From developer TRAGsoft and publisher Freedom Games, the game sees players setting off on an adventure as a young Coromon trainer. Journeying through the Kant– sorry, Velua region, you'll be catching creatures of different elemental types, battling other trainers, and stopping a shady organisation from using legendary Coromon for evil purposes. Sounding familiar?

In an attempt to appeal to the more hardcore and hard-to-please side of Pokémon's fanbase, the game will offer up a variety of difficulty modes, including a built-in Nuzlocke option (where fans would usually have to create a set of self-imposed rules to make the game tougher).

"Coromon is our modern take on a classic and beloved genre," says Jochem Pouwels, founder of TRAGsoft. "Everything from the built-in difficulty options to the expanded control over stat customizations, squad combinations, and more, it’s all to create a personal and tailored experience for creature catching trainers that have been asking for this for decades. Coromon is finally almost here to give the people what they want!"

If you're interested, the game launches on Switch (and PC and Mac) for $19.99 this March. As ever, feel free to share your thoughts on this one in the comments below.