Monster Hunter Rise is a game that keeps giving, with Capcom still rolling out regular free updates in the runup to the Summer's major expansion, Sunbreak. Updates on both fronts have arrived over the past 24 hours, including some particularly snazzy armor sets.

First up, on 21st January we'll get the Universal Studios Japan collab in Rise; the trailer is at the top of the page. It features a couple of fun event quests, with the rewards in armor sets for your hunter and buddies being rather eye catching.

In addition the director of the Sunbreak expansion (out this Summer) has started to share key phrases as teasers / clues about its content. The first of these is below.

Some fans are taking that phrase as pointing to potential 'Royal' creatures, whether thematically or in a similar manner to the extremely tough monsters that you come across in the wild in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Either way, no doubt there'll be further teases in the coming weeks and months.

Are you planning to fire up Monster Hunter Rise to try and get the USJ armor sets? Let us know, as always, in the comments.