Just over a week ago Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel arrived on pretty much all current systems - including Switch - and is also rolling out on mobile. The free-to-play card deck-builder is obviously a significant release for long term fans of the franchise, and the chance to start at no cost can also tempt in a lot of curious players.

It's certainly picked up some early steam, and Konami has now confirmed that in just a week it's accrued over four million downloads. One metric for judging a game's popularity can be the Steam concurrent user count, and at the time of writing it's in the top 5 on the platform (having peaked at a whopping 226,802 users today). It's not visible in the eShop charts at present, though, but that may change.

Deck building games can be big hits, of course, and this one being a virtual representation of a popular real-world card game will certainly help. We thought it was a bit of a mixed bag in our review, but have also put together a guide for anyone jumping in as a beginner (as the game doesn't offer much help).

Have you tried it out, or are you tempted to give it a whirl soon? Let us know, as always, in the comments.