Nintendo Power Magazine
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

For many of our friends in the US, Nintendo Power magazine was the way to get all the latest news, guides and more relating to the latest Nintendo games. Kicking off in 1988 and running for 24 years, the magazine was known for its official ties to Nintendo – it was originally designed and created in-house, after all – and was immensely popular among fans until it was eventually shut down in 2012.

Of course, Nintendo Power has since been revived as a podcast, but those of you who crave the glory days of the original magazine will want to check out this upcoming live stream. Hosted by The Video Game History Foundation, the 'Nintendo Power Reunion' will bring together some of the mag's original staff to talk about their time working on the project for the first time.

The event promises "an incredible afternoon of stories and behind-the-scenes making of the classic Nintendo magazine," with an audience Q+A and more guests and announcements planned. As for those already confirmed to be in attendance? Here's who you can expect to see:

- Gail Tilden, Nintendo of America's first VP of Brand Management, creator and first editor-in-chief of Nintendo Power Magazine

- Howard Phillips, Nintendo of America's Game Master, co-star of the Howard & Nester comics in Nintendo Power Magazine

- Leslie Swan, second editor-in-chief of Nintendo Power, and first Localization Director at Nintendo of America

- Jeff Bafus, former Sales and Marketing manager at Nintendo of America, writer/editor for Nintendo Power and Nintendo Power strategy guides

Nintendo Power
Image: Eventbrite

Tickets to view the livestream can be purchased here for $20; 100% of your money will go to support The Video Game History Foundation, a nonprofit "preserving, celebrating, and teaching the history of video games."

It takes place on 31st January at 5pm PT (which translates to 1am/2am on the morning of Feb 1st for those in GMT/CET timezones) and is expected to run for around two and a half hours.